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  • On your computer and on some tablet versions of Skype, you have the option to share screens with anyone on Skype. For example, you can display presentations, show friends and family your photos without having to send them, or show someone how something works on your PC.

    However, sometimes you can encounter problems with screen sharing. Click the problem you're having below to find a solution.

    Learn more on how to share your screen.

    The screen sharing options are grayed out.

    You need to be in a voice or video call with the person you want to share your screen with. If you're not in a call, you won't have the option to share screens (that is, you can't share screens in an IM conversation).

    I'm in a call, but I'm unable to share my screen

    Ensure that you and the person you are sharing your screen with are using a version of Skype that supports screen sharing. Get the latest version of Skype.

    I'm in a call, but my screen share (or the other person's shared screen) keeps freezing or going blank

    Check that you have enough bandwidth to share your screen, and close all applications that may be using your bandwidth or slowing your computer down. For example, music streaming applications such as Spotify, or file-sharing applications such as iTunes.

    I can share my screen in a call, but the other person can't share theirs

    If the person that you are sharing your screen with is on an older version of Skype, they may still be able to view your screen, but won’t be able to share their own. Recommend that they get the latest version of Skype.

    The screens I'm sharing look distorted or choppy to the other person

    Check to see if the person you are sharing your screen with is using an older version of Skype than you are. Recommend that they get the latest version of Skype.
  • Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen with anyone on Skype. It’s perfect for business presentations, showing photos to friends and family, or showing what’s on your computer screen.

    Watch the video to see how to share your screen in less than a minute. A step-by-step guide is also available below.

    You can share your screen with one Skype contact at any time during a voice call for free.

    You can also share your screen with one or more Skype contacts during a voice or video call.

    Before you share your screen, make sure that you have:

    • The latest version of Skype

    • A broadband internet connection

    To share your screen:

    1. Start a voice or video call.

    2. After the call has started, click the + button in the call bar and select Share screens....

    3. In the dialog box that appears, click Start to share your entire screen. If you have more than one monitor attached to your computer, you will be able to choose which monitor to share.

    4. You can change your screen sharing options at any time by clicking the Change sharing options icon   in the floating call window.

    To share a specific window rather than your entire screen, click the down arrow button and select Share a window.


    Then, select the window you want to share and click Start.

    5. When you want to stop sharing your screen, in the floating call window click Stop sharing.

    Only one person can share their screen at a time, although you can switch presenters at any time and as often as you like.


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