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  • Watch the video to see how you can send video messages in about 45 seconds. A step-by-step guide is also available below.

    What do I need to record and send video messages with Skype for Windows desktop?

    To record and send video messages, you need a webcam and the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop on Windows 7 or higher.
    You can record up to three minutes of video per message.

    How do I record and send video messages with Skype for Windows desktop?
    It’s easy to record and send a video message to your friends on Skype:
    You can send video messages to both your online and offline contacts.
    1. Sign into Skype.

    2. Under Contacts, right-click the contact you’d like to send a video message to.

    3. Select Send Video Message.

    4. The record screen appears.

    5. After recoding your video message, you can preview your video by clicking the video window. Click  to send it. To re-record or delete your video message, click X.

    6. Wait till the sending is completed in the conversation window.

    You can also send a video message to your contact when they’re not answering your call. Simply click the Send video message link in the conversation window.



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