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  • The Skype Translator preview is a pre-release version that provides an opportunity for people to try the product and provide feedback. Skype Translator uses machine learning, which means that the more it's used, the smarter it gets.
     We want to hear about what platforms are most important to you, which languages you want to use, and how you plan to use Skype Translator. Your feedback will be directly incorporated into the final product.
    What is Skype Translator?
     Skype Translator lets you have a Skype call or instant message with someone who speaks another language, live-translating messages and spoken conversation. It is powered by Microsoft Translator, just like Bing, Windows, and Windows Phone.
     Skype Translator provides endless possibilities for people around the world to communicate, no longer slowed down by their location and language.
    Can I use Skype translator?
    If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can download Skype Translator in the Windows Store.
    What languages does it support?
     In the preview, Skype Translator supports English (US), Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. We are working on additional languages, and our long-term goal is to be able to translate as many languages as possible. Additional details will be disclosed as other languages become available.
     We also have 50 languages available to translate instant messages today.
    Why do we have to set up spoken and written language separately?
     Skype Translator is powered by Microsoft Translator, which already supports translation of 50 languages, but these can be used only when chatting.
     Voice translation currently supports English, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese, but the number of supported languages will grow with time.
    Does the person I am calling need the Translator version of Skype too?
     No, the person you are calling does not need Skype Translator to receive the call from you, but they do need a desktop version of Skype.
    Can I make Translator calls with another Skype client, like Skype for Windows Desktop?
     No. Currently, Skype Translator is only available with Skype for modern Windows.
    Can I call phones, Lync contacts, or make group calls from Skype translator?
     You can make any of these calls from Skype Translator in the same way as you would use any other Skype client, but you cannot use the translation functionality when making these type of calls.
     Currently, Skype translation is only supported with one-to-one, Skype-to-Skype calls.
    Can I have any other Skype client installed together with Skype Translator?
     You should not have the Skype Translator client and the Skype for modern Windows client installed at the same time, but you can have Skype for Windows Desktop installed on the same computer on which you're planning to install Skype Translator.
     To get the most out of Skype Translator and avoid any confusion, make sure that you are only signed in to Skype Translator when making a call. Ideally, you should be logged out of all other clients (such as Skype for Windows Desktop, Outlook.com or Skype for Web (Preview)).
     To sign out of Skype for Web or Outlook.com, you can just close the browser window.
     To sign out of Skype for Windows Desktop, click Skype in the toolbar, then click Sign Out.


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