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  • You can send one or more contacts’ details to your friends in a call or in an IM conversation. Those receiving the contact’s details can then add the contact to their contact list. This is an easy way to make sure you and your friends are sending contact requests to the right people.

    Sending a contact’s details in a conversation
    When you are in a conversation with one or more participants, and want to send someone’s contact details:
    1. In your Contacts or Recent list, select a contact or conversation you want to send a contact’s details to.

    2. At the top of the conversation window that appears, click the + button, then select Send contacts....

    3. In the Send contacts window, check the contacts you want to send to the conversation. You can enter the person’s name into the box to quickly find them in your contact list.

    4. Click Send. A message will appear confirming that the contact has been sent.

    Those receiving the contacts can then view the contacts' details and send a contact request by clicking Add to contacts.

    Sending a contact’s details in a call
    You can send a contact’s details to participants on a voice call, group call, video call or group video call:
    1. Sing in to Skype.

    2. Make a call.

    3. Move your cursor to the call window to see the call options. Click the + button and select Send Contacts….

    3. In the Send contacts window, check the contacts you want to send to the conversation.

    4. Click Add to call.

    5. A message appears confirming that the contacts’ details have been sent. If you can’t see your instant message area, click the instant message button on the left, which now has an orange dot on it to indicate unread messages The instant message button with an orange dot indicating unread messages




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