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  • Skype subscriptions currently available through Daesung are as follows:

                                                                                                                  (Unit : Min, KRW)
    Country Land/Mobile Minutes 1 Month 3 Month 12 Month
    World Unlimited Land/Mobile Unlimited 14,100 40,100 140,955
    Korea Landline Unlimited 5,000 14,200 49,955
    Land/Mobile 300 14,100 40,100 140,955
    Land/Mobile 600 28,200 80,200 281,910
    Land/Mobile 900 40,100 114,209 416,227
    Land/Mobile 1,200 53,455 140,955 548,200
    Land/Mobile 1,500 66,827 176,191 676,800
    Philippines Land/Mobile 60 7,500 22,500 90,000
    Land/Mobile 120 14,000 42,000 168,000
    Land/Mobile 400 38,700 116,100 464,400
    Land/Mobile 800 74,900 224,700 898,800
    China Land/Mobile 120 1,300 3,900 15,600
    Land/Mobile 400 4,300 12,900 51,600
    Land/Mobile 800 8,600 25,800 103,200
    Taiwan Land/Mobile 60 6,500 19,500 78,000
    Land/Mobile 400 29,000 87,000 348,000
    Australia Land/Mobile 400 46,000 138,000 552,000
    Russia Land/Mobile 60 2,900 8,700 34,800
    Turkey Land/Mobile 800 87,400 262,200 1,048,800
    Vietnam Land/Mobile 400 37,000 111,000 444,000
    USA Land/Mobile 60 1,200 3,600 14,400
    Land/Mobile 400 4,600 13,800 55,200
    Land/Mobile Unlimited 7,000 21,000 84,000
    Canada Land/Mobile 60 1,200 3,600 14,400
    Land/Mobile 400 4,600 13,800 55,200
    Land/Mobile Unlimited 7,000 21,000 84,000
    Thailand Land/Mobile 60 1,200 3,600 14,400
    Land/Mobile 120 2,200 6,600 26,400
    Land/Mobile 400 5,300 15,900 63,600
    Japan Land/Mobile 60 5,800 17,400 69,600
    Land/Mobile 120 11,500 34,500 138,000
    India Land/Mobile 120 1,700 5,100 20,400
    Land/Mobile 800 10,000 30,000 120,000
    Land/Mobile 2,500 21,500 64,500 258,000
    Parkistan Land/Mobile 60 5,500 16,500 66,000
    Land/Mobile 400 33,300 99,900 399,600
    Land/Mobile 800 55,600 166,800 667,200
    If the subscriptions you are looking for is not listed here, it is not currently available through Daesung.
    In this case, you still can make calls using Unlimited World subscription or Skype credit.
    More subscriptions will be added shortly, so please stay tuned.
  • If you can’t reach your friends, family or colleagues with free Skype-to-Skype calls, you can call them on their mobile or landline using Skype Credit or a subscription.
    A subscription is a recurring payment made in advance for a product or service. A Skype subscription lets you call a country, a region (for example, Europe), or a selection of countries worldwide.
    You can choose to buy most subscriptions for 1, 3 or 12 months, except for a Skype number, which you can purchase for 1 month or a year at a time.
    After you’ve purchased a subscription, you can cancel it at any time without being charged. Be sure to cancel at least 3 days before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.
  • Subscriptions are one, three or 12-month calling plans that let you make minute-limited or unlimited* calls to selected countries, so a subscription is perfect if you want to make a lot of calls.
    Subscriptions offer the best value for calling mobiles and landlines from Skype - you'll save up to 60% off our standard calling rates.
    Skype Credit allows you to pay as you go. You can call whoever you want, whenever you want, at very low rates, as well as purchase other products and features from Skype.
    You can have both a subscription and Skype Credit at the same time – that way you can use Skype Credit to pay for calls to countries and mobile phones that are not covered by your subscription; send text messages; and buy other Skype features such as a Skype Number.
    *A fair usage policy applies to unlimited subscriptions.
  • A one-month subscription is valid for one calendar month, which means if you purchase a monthly subscription on the 15th of the month, it will be valid until the 14th of the next month and your minutes will be reset the day after (at the same time minutes were activated the month before).
    By default, subscriptions are renewed automatically, but you can cancel your recurring payments at any time.
    The recurring payment is taken three days in advance of your subscription expiring, to ensure prompt delivery of your subscription. You don’t lose these three days though: your subscription is still valid for the full period that you sign up for (1, 3 or 12 months).
    If you have a fixed-minute subscription (60, 120, 400 or 800 minutes), your minutes are reset each month. If you have unused minutes, they are not carried over to next month.
    If you use up your minutes allowance before the end of your subscription period, you will be charged Skype’s standard rates until your minutes are reset the following month. The newly purchased minutes will become active only when the billing period for the first one ends.
    If you urgently need more minutes, we recommend you to buy the same package but with different amount of minutes or consider buying an unlimited subscription.
  • To cancel a subscription, you need to cancel the recurring payments. However, the subscription you’ve purchased remains active until it reaches its expiry date. For example, if you purchase a 3 month subscription, and then choose to cancel it, the subscription will remain active until the end of the 3 month period.
    If you don’t want to keep your subscription, you can request a refund, but only if the subscription is unused and it hasn’t expired.

    Cancelling a subscription
    To cancel your subscription:

    1. Sign in to your account and, on the left of the page, click your existing subscriptions.

    2. Click Settings next to the subscription you want to cancel. (If you just have one subscriptions, you won't see a Settings link; just click your subscription.)

    3. Click Cancel subscription

    4. Confirm that you'd like to cancel it. Information on the subscription you have cancelled is displayed.

    You can click Reactivate to reactivate the subscription at any point. This option is available for 90

  • To check how many minutes you have left for the current month, sign in to your account, click your existing subscriptions in the left pane, and then click Settings next to your subscription. You can then see how many minutes you have left on your subscription and which countries your subscription covers, as well as check the next payment date and manage your payments.

    Your minute allocation is reset each month, and any unused minutes are not carried over. If you want to check how many minutes you have used in previous months, to make sure you are getting the best value possible from your subscription, you can look at your call history. To view your call history, sign in to your account and under Account details, click View usage history. Your call history is listed per month. The duration of each call you have made is displayed, so you can work out how many minutes you have used and how many you have left.
    We recommend that you keep a record of this for your personal reference. You can do this in one of the following ways:

    •Click Export to history file to export the call history to a CSV file.

    •Copy and paste your history into a personal file.

    •Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to take a screenshot of your call history and save the image for future reference.

  • If you have a fixed-minute subscription (60, 120 or 400 minutes), your calling allowance is reset each month. If you have unused minutes, they are not carried over from month to month.
    However, if you buy an unlimited subscription* you don’t need to worry about reaching your monthly allowance. We have unlimited subscriptions for calls to landlines in more than 40 destinations (and for some destinations, calls to mobiles are included too).
    And if you buy some Skype Credit, you can use it to pay for calls to other countries and mobile phones that are not covered by your subscription.
    *A fair usage policy applies.


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.