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  • If you lost the coupon PIN that was created after entering the coupon verification code, please take the following steps:
    1. Go to Coupon registration page

    2. Click “Verification history” in the section titled “Have you forgotten your PIN?” at the bottom of the page;

    3. Check the list of coupons registered under your account;

    4. Click “Redeem” at the bottom of the page to go to Coupon redemption page;
  • 1. Sign into Daesung Skype website.

    2. Select “Buy” from the top menu

    3. Click “Redeem” under the “Redeem coupons” section at the bottom of the page

    4. Enter 12-digit Skype coupon verification code in the text box under “Redeem coupons”, then click “Verify”

    5. Click “쿠폰번호 복사” to copy the coupon PIN created, then click “쿠폰 등록”

    6. Paste the coupon PIN you copied (Ctrl+V) and tick the box to agree to Skype Terms of Use, then click “Redeem”

    7. Check your account balance to see if the Skype credit is successfully added.

  • The price of a call varies depending on where you want to call.

    The rates to most of major destinations is KRW 25 per minute and a connection fee applies to each call. A Skype coupon allows maximum of 2 hours of call but the time may vary depending on the destination and the number of calls you make.
  • Skype coupon is the coupon that can be exchanged to $2 of Skype credit upon redemption given out to users at free of charge as a part of promoting Skype services.


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.