Payment > Payment errors
  • If you are having trouble paying with Korean credit cards, foreign credit cards via 3D verification, or virtual bank account, after updating your Chrome browser, please take following steps:
    1. Run Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags//#enable-npapi in the URL field

    2. Find “Enable NPAPI” in the list and click “Enable this option will be changed to “Disable” now.

    3. Restart Chrome by clicking “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the page.
  • When the payment authorization is complete, Skype product will be delivered to your account. However, please understand the delivery may take several minutes due to temporary delay in delivery system. If you didn’t receive the product you’ve bought more than a day ago, please provide the following information and submit it through the link at the bottom:
        1. Skype name

        2. Name of the payer

        3. Email address of the payer

        4. Product purchased

        5. Date and time of payment

        6. Payment method
    **Report delivery failure** 
  • This usually means your payment has been submitted and is currently being processed.

    The status will change to Delivered when payment is accepted, or canceled if payment is unsuccessful.

    No amount will be charged to your credit card, so it does not need to be canceled.
  • If you are using Windows but the payment window does not open, that may be because the payment module (“KCP Plug-in”) is not installed correctly.
    Please install KCP plug-in manually by clicking "here" on this page:

    This plug-in cannot work when the ActiveX Filtering option is on: In Internet Explorer, click the Tools > uncheck ActiveX Filtering and then refresh (F5) to apply.
    If the payment still does not work after manually installing the module;
    Go to your web browser menu, Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookie/Temporary files, etc.;
    And then open Internet Options window, click on the Security tab > click Trusted sites > click Sites button to open another pop up window titled Trusted sites.
    In this window, type in http://skype.daeusng.com in the field provide and click Add to add Daesung Skype in your Trusted sites list.
    Then restart your computer, type in http://skype.daesung.com/eng in the address bar and go through the purchase process.


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.