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  • Skype Connect provides connectivity between your business and the Skype community. By adding Skype Connect to your existing SIP-enabled PBX, your business can save on communication costs with little or no additional upgrades required.
    With Skype Connect, your business can make great value Skype calls and receive calls from your customers using your desk phones. Customers can also contact your business for free by using Skype through Skype buttons, by calling the Skype business accounts associated with your SIP-enabled PBX, and by dialing any Skype Numbers you may have purchased.
    Skype Connect can be managed with Skype Manager™ (previously known as Skype for SIP).
    Before getting Skype Connect, make sure you meet the requirements.

    To get Skype Connect, first you need to set up your Skype Manager:

    1. Create your Skype Manager account.

    2. Follow the instructions to register for Skype Manager. You can either use your existing personal account or create a new one specifically for your Skype Manager.
    The account you use to register will be used to administer products and Skype Credit throughout your business. We therefore recommend that you create a new Skype account using your business name.
    Once you’re signed in to Skype Manager, click Features in the toolbar, then click Skype Connect in the Features menu on the left.
    You’re now ready to use Skype Connect and can:
    • Create SIP Profiles
     A SIP Profile is a SIP user account that contains all of the configuration data for your Skype Connect service. You can set up multiple SIP Profiles according to business need and budget.
    • Buy Channel Subscriptions
     Channel Subscriptions are the subscriptions for simultaneous calling channels you would like to use with your SIP Profile and are charged on a monthly basis.
    • Allocate Skype Credit to SIP Profiles
     If you want to make calls, you can manage your outbound call expenditure by allocating Skype Credit to your SIP Profiles and setting up the Auto-recharge option to make sure that your Skype Credit balance is always sufficient to make the calls.
    • Set up inbound calling using business accounts
      You can also add Skype Numbers to your SIP Profiles to receive calls from mobiles and landlines. You can then implement Skype buttons on websites and emails so customers with Skype can call you.
    • Set up inbound calling using Skype Numbers
     You can also add Skype Numbers to your SIP Profiles to receive calls from mobiles and landlines. You can then set up Caller ID to ensure people know when you’re calling them.
  • PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the system in your company that connects individual desk extensions to external telephone lines and mobile networks.
    A SIP-enabled PBX is a PBX that can connect to the internet and use the SIP protocol to make calls over the internet.
    We recommend that you use a Skype Connect™ certified PBX as we cannot ensure all your SIP-enabled PBX features and functions will operate correctly in non-certified SIP-enabled PBXs when used with Skype Connect.
  • A SIP Profile is a SIP user account that contains all of the configuration and user data for your Skype Connect™ service. You can set up multiple SIP Profiles specific to the needs of your business by creating separate Profiles for different departments and teams and manage the elements of those SIP Profiles according to business need and budget.
    A SIP Profile has six elements:
    • SIP credentials
     These are the authentication details needed by your SIP-enabled PBX to connect to Skype.

    • Skype Credit
     Skype Credit is required to pay for any outbound calls.

    • A monthly Skype Connect Channel subscription
     This determines the number of simultaneous calls that are supported by Skype Connect.

    • Business Skype accounts
     You can add these to your SIP Profile to receive calls from Skype in your SIP-enabled PBX, if required.

    • Skype Numbers
     You can add these to your SIP Profile to receive calls from landlines and mobiles, if required.

    • Caller ID
     This can be any Skype Number you have associated with your SIP Profile or, if your company has been verified, any landline number.

    To display the details of a SIP Profile:
    1. Sign in to Skype Manager™.

    2. Click Features in the toolbar.

    3. In the menu on the left, click Skype Connect.

    4. Scroll to the SIP Profile whose details you are interested in and click View profile next to its name.
  • The following is required to use Skype Connect:
    Requirement Description
    Skype Manager™ Skype Connect is managed via Skype Manager.
    A SIP-enabled PBX We recommend that you use a Skype Connect certified PBX or gateway. Although a non-certified PBX may work with Skype Connect, we cannot ensure all features and functions will operate correctly.
    An internet connection with enough bandwidth to handle your call traffic and voice quality needs Your connection can be a shared (with other data) or be a dedicated connection, depending on your business requirements.
     It should provide less than 200ms Round Trip Delay (RTD) between your business LAN and sip.skype.com. You can check the suitability of your internet connection by checking the RTD from your business network (LAN) to Skype Connect by sending a ping to sip.skype.com and noting the average time shown in the ping results.
    A publicly reachable IP Address If your PBX is located on a private network behind a NAT firewall or router, you can still use Skype Connect by using the SIP Registration method of authentication.
     Alternatively, if your PBX does not support registrations or you don’t wish to use the SIP Registration method, you can use the IP Authentication method.
    A means to pre-pay for Skype products You’ll need to be able to top up your Skype Credit using a credit or debit card or a bank transfer.
    A traditional fixed telephone line Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone services and cannot be used for emergency calling. Skype Connect is meant to complement existing traditional telephone services used with a corporate SIP-enabled PBX, not as a stand-alone solution. Skype Connect users need to ensure that all calls to emergency services are terminated through traditional fixed line telephone services, connected to the local exchange, or through other emergency calling capable telephone services.
  • Skype Connect lets you connect your SIP-enabled PBX to Skype, making it easier to communicate in a more cost-effective way. It also simplifies the management of your call costs. You can use Skype Manager™ to manage and report on the usage of Skype across your company.
    The following charges may be applicable, depending on how you use Skype Connect:
    • For all outgoing calls through Skype Connect to mobiles and landlines, Skype charges a per minute charge. This is taken from the Skype Credit that you allocate to the SIP Profile involved. Calls are rounded up to the first 30 seconds and then in 6 second intervals thereafter.

    • If you call the US a lot, you could save on your calling with US minute bundles. Each bundle includes a monthly allowance of 5,000 minutes to call mobiles and landlines in the US. The number of US minute bundles you enter cannot exceed the number of channels you have entered. If the bundle’s minutes run out before the next renewal date, calls to the US will be charged from your Skype Manager's available Skype Credit balance at Skype Connect's standard call rates.

    • There is a monthly Skype Connect channel subscription charge for each SIP Profile, based on the number of concurrent call channels that you buy for that SIP Profile. This is taken from the Skype Credit balance of Skype Manager.

    • There is a monthly fee for any Skype Numbers that you buy within Skype Manager, including those bought for use with Skype Connect. This is taken from the Skype Credit balance of Skype Manager.

    • All incoming Skype calls through Skype Connect are free.


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.