• 1. Sign in to Daesung Skype website

    2. Click “Prices” from the top menu;

    3. Select Credit or Subscription

    4. Select the Order unit and Subscription period, then click Continue

    5. Select the Deposit Bank account, input your Name, email, Mobile Number and Phone number in the respective field provided and click “Continue”.

    NOTE: The bank account information to which you will remit the payment will be sent to the email address you input here, so please be sure to use legitimate email account.

    6. Virtual Bank Account payment module will launch. If the module is not installed on your computer already, it will be downloaded and installed first.
    7. Read the Terms and Conditions and tick the “I agree” checkbox, then click “Next

    8. Select the bank from the drop down menu, to which you will remit the payment and click “Next”. 
    Select one that’s most convenient for you to make remittance.

    9. Tick “I’ve reviewed payment conditions and agree to proceed” checkbox.

    10. Untick “Cash Receipts Publication” checkbox (Only relevant to Korean citizen) and click “Next”.

    11. Click “Send Order

    12. Check if the bank and account information, as well as the amount in the Amount section, is correct in the Payment Review pane before proceeding. Remit the amount to the given virtual account to via Internet banking, phone banking or conventional wire transfer to complete the payment process.

    13. Upon successful transfer of the fund, your purchase will be delivered automatically to your Skype Account.
    * Please remember: Your payment is completed and your purchase will be delivered to your Skype account only after you make the remittance to the Virtual Bank Account provided at the end of above steps.



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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.