• "Telecommunications Business Act" of Korea prohibits the marketing and the sales of paid telecommunications services by companies that are not registered and authorized to conduct telecommunications business in Korea. Being a global Internet operator, Skype does not have such authorization from the Korean government and therefore cannot offer its telecommunications services directly to the users in the Korean territory.
    "Telecommunications Business Act" applies not only to the Korean nationals but also to anyone residing in the territory of Korea, including temporary visitors. That is why Skype has teamed up with Daesung to provide its VoIP services in Korea.
    If you wish to buy Skype credits or subscriptions, please visit our site at http://skype.daesung.com/eng 
    You can use your overseas issued credit card by selecting 'Foreign Credit Card' from the 'Select payment method' Drop down but the payment will be made in KRW and charged in USD to your credit card applying an appropriate exchange rate. Currently we are not offering the auto-recharge feature for Skype credit.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.