• [Notice] Changes in Subscriptions and Skype Number 2017-08-10

    Subscriptions that are currently offered will be discontinued as of August 20* and will be replaced with new subscriptions (*the date may be changed)

    However, if you are currently using a subscription, it will continue to be active until it is canceled. If you don’t want to use the subscription anymore, please cancel the recurring payment for the subscription.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you want to continue to use your current subscription, you have to keep your Skype Credit balance higher that the monthly, quarterly or yearly payment amount (as the case may be) for the subscription as Skype Credit is the only available method of payment for recurring payment.


    We advise you to enable the auto-recharge* option when you buy Skype Credit so the recurring payment for your subscription does not fail.

    Remember, you won’t be able to buy the subscription that you are currently using after August 20 once it is canceled.


    If you are using a Skype Number,

    it will be active until its expiration date and you can re-purchase the same number at changed price.
    See the list of subscriptions that are scheduled to be discontinued.


    O New Subscriptions that will be available from August 21, 2017: 

    (단위: 원, VAT포함)

    상품명 1month 3month 12month
    Unlimited World Subscription 19,608 55,881 199,997
    Unlimited Europe 27,995 79,786 285,549
    Korea Unlimited landiness and Mobile 9,790 27,902 99,858
    Korea 400min. landiness and Mobile 5,583 15,910 56,942
    Philippines 60min. landiness and Mobile 9,790 27,902 99,858
    Philippines 120min. landiness and Mobile 18,205 51,885 185,691
     100min. landiness and Mobile 2,089 5,953 21,307
    China 400min. landiness and Mobile 4,180 11,913 42,636
    China 1000min. landiness and Mobile 9,790 27,902 99,858
    Russia 100min. landiness and Mobile 8,388 23,904 85,553
    Japan 100min. landiness and Mobile 5,583 15,910 56,942
    Japan 300min. landiness and Mobile 9,790 27,902 99,858
    India 100min. landiness and Mobile 2,778 7,916 28,331
    India 800min. landiness and Mobile 11,193 31,899 114,164
    India 2500min. landiness and Mobile 27,995 79,786 285,549
    Skype number 22,370 63,107


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If you are in Korea, you can purchase Skype payable services through Daesung Skype according to the Telecommunications Business Act of Korea.